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About Phil Rea

  • Phil Rea
  • Phil began his sales career over thirty five years ago. In 1979 he was introduced to the remodeling industry and began selling home improvements, door-to-door. Shortly after, he ventured on his own, starting Phil Rea, Inc., a full-service remodeling company. His company quickly became highly profitable and earned him the title “Remodeling Sales Guru” by industry experts. This title led Phil down the road of consulting remodeling companies with volumes ranging from $250,000 to over $40 million and eventually he was recognized as America’s best in-home salesperson. Phil’s notoriety as being a “salesperson’s salesperson,” coupled with his southern style, quickly became a crowd favorite.

    Rea has been hired by many of the top manufacturers in the business to train their dealer networks on how to become better salespeople. He has also been called upon to strategize and build start-up companies, most notably heading up efforts in 1997 to develop & launch a successful national handyman franchise. In eighteen months, Rea sold & started 40 handyman franchise territories.

    Phil has personally made over 15,000 in-home sales calls & has accompanied hundreds of other salespeople on their appointments. His consulting years included hundreds of sales teams around the country and a sponsored nationwide tour by Andersen Windows, James Hardie, Owens Corning, Mid-South Building Products and Remodeling Magazine. He has authored several books, including "How to Become a Millionaire Selling Remodeling" and "How to Coach Your Team to More Sales!". Eventually, Phil sold his remodeling company and formed Phil Rea & Associates, devoting his efforts full-time to speaking, writing & consulting.

    Wanting to reduce his travel, yet eager to continue helping and training the remodeling salesperson, Rea began MasterMind Training in 2002 and sold the business in 2005.

    Always the entrepreneur, Rea and his wife, Kerry, started R2R Associates in 2006, and sold the company in 2013. Phil's sales training videos and CD's are available as digital downloads, or physical DVD's and CD's. These recordings may have some dust on them...but the content is not dated. The top 3 objections every sales person encounters are still:

    1. It's too much money
    2. We'd like to get other estimates
    3. We'd like to think about it

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    I closed the largest job of my career Monday of this week (a $600,000 oceanfront condominium remodel - 36 units). I listened to your CD's constantly during the sales process and am convinced I would not have closed it without them.

    D. L. | Wilmington, NC.

    You promised to increase my sales by $100,000.00. I’m here to tell you kept your promise……times ten.

    W. L. | Newark, NJ

    My son, who had never been in sales, sold 10 out of his first 10 appointments after listening to Phil.

    J.J. | Columbus, GA