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Close With Confidence

Close With Confidence

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Close With Confidence $249.00

Video Type:Online Video & DVD Language:English Length:61 minutes

Do you or your salespeople struggle with closing? Is your product presentation flawless but you find yourself struggling for the 'right words' when it's time to ask for the sale? Are you scared to say anything for fear of what your prospect might say? Close with Confidence can help! Watch Phil as he teaches you skills that will have a dramatic impact on your closing ratio and money-making ability. Learn which closes work best for specific situations and when to use each. Phil will give you specific help to overcome the 'classic' objections: "We want to think about it," "We plan to get a few more estimates," and "That's too much money!" Phil Rea shares the absolute best of his 32 sales closes along with how and when to use each! Be sure to schedule sales appointments after watching this video - you'll definitely see great results!