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You are the greatest Phil!! Been following you 25 plus informative years!

Ross Ellis

Good morning Phil, I was thinking about you this morning as I was drinking coffee on my lanai.....and the impact you made upon my life. And still am so appreciative of your instruction and inspiration over the years as I started and operated a remodeling company here in Oak Ridge, TN. specializing in siding and window installations. I do hope you remember me for we talked a few times on the phone and I attended several of your workshops. Each time you motivated me not just with encouragement, but gave me practical tools to use to "close the deal" And that I did over the years. I sold the business last year after 23 years. In finalizing my numbers, I found that I had closed and completed jobs on over 60% of ALL my presentations during those 23 years----and that was including door to door solicitation and the good old door knocking and wide smile contacts. God really favored me Phil. And He used you to assist in that. Presently I am thoroughly enjoying living. I have already traveled on 23 trips in 2015 and fly to California coast this Wednesday for ten days. I really am so blest for with your help and counsel and a great financial investment over the years, I have a solid and comfortable guaranteed income for the rest of my life. And it came about just by selling windows and siding----what a business!!! Again, thank you Phil for the part you played in my life. I really do wish that one day our paths will cross so I can personally say thank you to my friend. For I thank God for you.

K. L. | Oak Ridge, TN

My son, who had never been in sales, sold 10 out of his first 10 appointments after listening to Phil.

J. J. | Columbus, GA

I thought, ‘What could I possibly learn? I’ve been a salesperson all my life.’ Boy, was I wrong!

M. R. | Auburn, WA

Started getting jobs that I would have only disqualified before.

B. R. | St Louis, MO

In five months , I sold $480,000 I wouldn’t have sold previously.

W. D. | Orlando, FL

I listen to a Phil Rea CD and came out of a 2 week slump.

R. S. | Richmond, VA

I closed the largest job of my career Monday of this week (a $600,000 oceanfront condominium remodel - 36 units). I listened to your CD's constantly during the sales process and am convinced I would not have closed it without them.

D. L. | Wilmington, NC

Don’t tell anyone else in Australia about Phil Rea's training program! We don’t have anything like it here and we don’t want anyone else to know about it!

G. S. | Sydney, Australia

Phil, you’ve ruined my leisurely life style. Thanks to you I had to move to a bigger building, I’m short on labor and had to hire three more project managers. Our work schedule is closing in on four months out, my office manager needs a full time assistant, and worst of all I’m now heading into a new tax bracket.

H. L. | Dallas, TX

My wife told me I had (3) months to become profitable or we'd have to close down. I spent the last money I had for Phil come for a visit. A lot of real good things have happened to my family and my business over the last 15 years.

J. L. | Chicago, IL

You promised to increase my sales by $100,000.00. I’m here to tell you kept your promise……times ten.

W. L. | Newark, NJ

Phil, it takes real salesman to appreciate the things you teach us and we do. You never cease to amaze me with your insights.

D. T. | Los Angeles CA